July 08, 2022 3 min read

Dogs love bully sticks, but there are better options out there. Transitioning your dog from bully sticks to Freezbone treats can be tricky since they love the bully sticks a lot. However, it’ll be better for your dog in the long run. Adding Freezbone treats to your dog’s diet is an excellent idea for multiple reasons.

Why Freezbone?

Freezbone treats are a great enrichment treat to give to your dog. They occupy your dog more than a bully stick. Freezbone treats are an affordable option that has no preservatives, artificial coloring, or GMOs. They are refillable treats that you can use to help give your pup the enrichment- they need. Once you fill the treat up, let it freeze, then take it out and give it to your dog. They’ll spend a while licking the treat, trying to get all of it. The flavors come in four options: chicken, beef, duck, and liver. Freezbone treats can be an excellent option for those with food sensitivities.

Why transition your pet from one treat to another?

Switching up your pet’s treats can make getting a treat for your pet more exciting. Giving our pets variety is important because we humans also like variety in our food. Alternatively, you may have noticed that your pet reacts toward bully sticks or another type of treat. Regardless, it’s important to transition your pet slowly to the new treats.

It can be overwhelming to introduce a new food to your pet. However, Freezbone treats are a simple recipe that guarantees an easy transition for your pet. Before going into how to transition your pet to Freezbone treats, let’s go over why to transition slowly.

Why transition slowly?

There are a few approaches you can take to work towards this. Transitioning your pet slowly is the best way to go about it. This is because the food that our pets eat impacts what happens in their intestinal tract. Our pet’s gut has bacteria that require food as much as our pet does. So, when a significant change such as switching types of treats occurs, the bacteria need time to react. This is why you should transition your pet slowly. Transitioning your pet too fast could result in diarrhea.

Switching slowly will also benefit your pet if they tend to like certain flavors and textures. Gradually introducing a new treat is essential, so they do not get overwhelmed and stop eating altogether.  The best way to start would be to let your dog sniff the Freezbone treat first.

How to transition your dog from bully sticks to Freezbone treats

The easiest way to transition your dog from bully sticks to Freezbone treats is to integrate Freezbone treats into your dog’s diet slowly. You could add some of the Freezbone treats on the bully stick. Over time, break the bully stick into smaller pieces. It’s common practice to introduce your pet to a new treat within seven to fourteen days. Every pet is different. Some dogs may require more or less time than other dogs.

You may also add Freezbone treats to your dog’s regular food. This will help introduce it to your pet in a way that ensures they will slowly eat it. Adding chicken broth to it could make it taste better for your pet. This is because dogs absolutely love chicken broth. Try giving your dog the Freezbone treats in a place that isn’t overwhelming for them. If you try to feed it to your dog in a busy and loud place, they may get anxious and not want to try it.

When introducing Freezbone treats to your pet, please pay attention to how they react. Does your pet like the treat? Did their body reject it? When introducing any new treat to your pet, these are essential things to question.

Conclusion: Transitioning your pet from one treat to another takes time and patience.

Transitioning your pet to Freezbone treats is usually quick, but it’s essential to stay patient with your dog. You may experiment with different flavors to find one right for your pet. Some dogs may like chicken over beef, and that’s okay! Us humans have preferences just like dogs.

All of our customers say that transitioning their dog from bully sticks to Freezbone treats is a worthy process. Freezbone treats are a delicious addition to your pet’s diet, and they will thank you for giving them to them.