July 08, 2022 7 min read

Has your furry friend been acting a little lazy lately? Are you tired of your dog chewing on your furniture? Are you confused about how and what to feed your dog? Worry not! By bringing you delicious treats shaped like toys that sure take a lot of time to finish, we can help you ‎keep your dog happy and healthy. ‎

Let's talk about Freezbone! Freezbone are these fun bone-shaped dog chews stuffed with super scrumptious AND healthy treats for your favorite. They come with various refillable pouches, including beef, chicken, and plenty of other beneficial ingredients.

Give the gift of a long-lasting treat to your anxious and energetic doggo today! But before we get into the details of Freezbone treats, let's find out what makes a diet "healthy."

Why Is It Important for Dogs to Eat "Healthy"?

We often hear the proverb "you are what you eat," especially when devouring chocolate (which is bad for dogs). Naturally, the same applies to our canine friends. To help them stay healthy in their later years, they need to eat a high-quality diet. More so, their treats should also be healthy!

The six fundamental nutrients are water, proteins, fats, carbs, minerals, and vitamins. Your dog must regularly consume these nutrients to run its body's essential processes. It wouldn't be able to maintain muscular tone, grow and repair muscles, teeth, and bone, carry out routine everyday tasks with ease, or fend against infection without sufficient nutrition.

But given the plethora of options at the pet store, it can be challenging to distinguish between low-quality and high-quality dog food, which is why Freezbone's got you covered! Freezbone has the right amount of protein, fat, and fiber. Most importantly, ‎it includes the tastiest ingredients: Beef, chicken, duck, and liver, which will not only leave your dog satisfied but also greatly improve its energy, digestion, and muscle growth.

How Can You Ensure You're Feeding Your Dog the Correct Number of Treats?

We all care about and want the best for our canine friends. And we also know that a dog's stomach is typically the road to its heart. However, giving your dog treats every time he is a good boy may be bad for his health.

If you think you're guilty of giving your cutest furry friend too many treats, here's how you can make sure you don't overfeed him:

·      Apply the 10% Rule

Veterinarians frequently advise keeping treats to no more than 10% of a dog's daily caloric intake. Depending on your dog's lifestyle and body condition score, your veterinarian can determine how many calories he requires daily.

The formula used to determine how much energy an average adult dog needs to live in your home and have some mild exercise each day is:

Daily calorie needs = 30 x weight in kg (or pounds divided by 2.2) + 70

While occasional excess is okay, it's important to pay attention to the ingredients and identify which treats might have more calories because obesity in pets can be a severe health problem. Calculate your dog's calories based on how much food they typically eat each day.

Once you've found out how hungry your dog gets every day, look for a dog treat feeder that gives your dog long-lasting dog chews. You could try several options; it'll just take you a while, some change, and a heap of dog treat trash to decide.

But if you're in a hurry and want a reliable dog treat that won't make your dog overweight, check out Freezbone. It's refillable and comes with healthy chicken treats you can use as meals in a pinch. You can feed up to one pouch per day for an average size adult dog‎

·      Smaller Size Means Smaller Treats!!

You want what's best for Roger or Artha or Danny, right? Well, start reading the dog treat labels! Dog owners frequently buy treats and give them to their dogs without ever reading the label. I'm looking at you.

If you're one of these illustrious dog treat buyers, be careful with serving sizes. Don't feed tiny pups the same amount as their larger siblings. Similarly, for smaller dogs like phantom poodles, cut goodies and dog chews in half so they can still enjoy snack time without overindulging. In the case of Freezbone, you can fill the bone according to your dog's needs and store the rest of the pouch in the fridge.

Plus-point: your refillable Freezbone pouch will last longer!

·      Age MATTERS!

Age matters just as much as size does. So, ensure you're giving your dog enough treats, and speak with your veterinarian. Senior doggos are frequently prone to weight gain as their energy levels and metabolism decrease, whereas young, active canines can burn more calories and consume more treats.

Freezbone can come in handy here because it's a slow feeder for dogs! While having the most fun time, they will take their time to finish their treat and consume all the necessary nutrients.

·      Know When Your Genius Furball Is Hitting All Your Buttons

If puppy-dog eyes make you feel piteous even when you fed your dog an hour ago, you might be guilty of giving your dog too many goodies. It's time to quit the practice if you want your dog to spend all his days with you.

The best method to stop your four-legged beggar from bothering you is to ignore him, no matter how challenging it may be (he'll give you those puppy-dog looks; don't succumb). Treats should only be given as rewards for good behavior, such as arriving when called, learning a new trick, or going potty outside.

If nothing works, consider specialized training treats, such as Freezbone, which are long-lasting, calorie-efficient, and tasty dog chews. To finish the treat, your doggo will require the right patience to sit and finish it. Because Freezbone is so tasty, we promise you your doggo won't move until it is finished.

·      Human Food? Nope!

Human food isn't necessarily a bad thing to feed your dog. Many pet parents use "human food" to make delectable treats and prepare nutritious meals. But sharing your food with Fluffy or giving him crumbs as a reward might lead to undesirable behaviors and pet obesity and other health issues.

So, give your dog slow feeders or other long-lasting treats. Plus, serve them food before your dinner, so they are already busy enjoying their food before they can puppy-face into taking yours.

But if your dog wrinkles its nose at round or cube treats, you need to take matters a bit further. If you have children at home, you give them customized treats before you eat your food, right? The same should be done for Fluffy!

Are you looking for options? Freezbone is a great shape-it-as-you-like treat. Plus, you won't have to worry about cleaning up dropped crumbs. However, while our treats are organic, Freezbone is made for dogs only, and human consumption is not at all recommended. To each of its own, it is!

When Should You Give Your Dog Treats?

Most pet dogs should be fed twice or thrice daily. The benefits of feeding your dog two to three times a day in similarly sized portions are numerous.

No matter what feeding plan you decide, you should never let your dog engage in strenuous activity after a substantial meal, especially if they finish their food quickly. Doing so will lessen their chances of experiencing bloating, intestinal blockages, or other severe digestive illnesses.

To make your dog feel fuller and more satisfied, you can always look for long-lasting dog chews such as Freezbone. Each pouch is perfectly sized and ready to pour into a Freezbone for easy and convenient ‎daily use.‎

Why Is Freezbone the Best Dog Food?

Freezbone is the best because it's packed with all the necessary nutrients your dog needs. It also has other benefits, such as:

  • Freezbone is made with real chicken, beef, duck, and liver. A healthy treat? It's a dream for doggo and doggo owners.
  • It's a slow feeder! Freezbone helps in calming your anxious little ball of fur, so you can enjoy eating your dinner while they enjoy their own food!
  • Freezbone is long-lasting! Long-lasting dog bones result in longer chews and make your doggie feel fully satisfied with its treat! A full tummy means a full, happy doggie.
  • It comes with a ready-to-pour organic pouch! Each pouch is precisely measured and prepared to pour into a Freezbone for simple and practical daily use.
  • On top of everything? IT LOOKS LIKE A BONE TREAT!

Remember that Freezbone is intended for supplemental feeding only! It may be fed daily along with a complete and balanced dog food diet. Feed up to one pouch per day for an average adult dog.

What Is Freezbone Made Of?

Here's a Freezbone nutritional index that'll wipe away all your worries:


Nutritional Index


Crude Protein


Muscles growth

Crude Ash



Crude Fat


Fur and skin

Crude Fiber







The Takeaway?

Doggos are precious, precious creatures! Often, they're more precious to us than our human fellows! So, we should always consider what we treat them with. A few factors to consider when deciding how many treats to feed your dog include:

  • The size of the treat
  • The size of your dog
  • How many calories your dog needs daily.

If you're unsure about calculating dog treat calories, talk to your veterinarian about how many treats your dog should have per day. But finding the right treat for your goofy canine friend once you get the exact calorie count can be challenging.

Doubling back seems like a better idea, right? Stop right there! Freezbone promises to offer you a diet that meets your dog's specific nutritional requirements and is supported by sound scientific theory. But if you're on the fence, shoot us an email or message to discuss the best dog treats in the U.S.