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Introducing Freezbone! The most convenient and long-lasting chew for your anxious ball of fur.Our yum-looking bone-shaped feeder comes in two sizes and is dishwasher friendly and mess-free.

The scrumptiousrefill treats include a variety of healthy ingredients, such as turkey, beef, and chicken, to support your pup's health.

Give your dogs the gift of Freezbone today to increase their mobility and flexibility, improve chewing habits, or help with anxieties!

6 Reasons Why Freezbones are the Best Dog Feeders

We know you love your doggo. Here are six reasons why you should use Freezbone to show your love:

1.   They Give Long-Lasting Dog Chews

What's worse than purchasing a brand-new chew for your dog, only to watch him devour it in an instant before staring longingly at you with those huge, sad eyes yearning for more?

Freezbone is the perfect chew for dogs who are anxious and speedy eaters. If you wanna keep your dog busy for longer than a few minutes, Freezbone is a game changer. Like the best dog chew toys, they can amuse your doggo while you concentrate on other things.

Freezbones can keep your anxious pooch fully occupied for around 45 minutes, giving him time to slow down and enjoy the tasty treats. Most importantly, Freezbones are also perfect for teaching appropriate chew habits, protecting your furniture and sanity in the process!

We don't call Freezbone the best dog chews for just any reason!

2.   They're Easy to Clean and Dishwasher Friendly

Freezbones are made from 100% pure rubber, making them extremely durable and easy to clean. On top of it all, you can just put them in the dishwasher and clean them easily.

So, show your pup your love by giving him Freezbone treats!

3.   They're Spill-free: For Tough Chewers and AnxiousDoggo

Giving your dog a healthy chew can give a welcome break from routines that could otherwisemake them anxious.

You don't want pricey dog food to spill or drop on your floor once you buy it. So, we havedesigned Freezbone in a way that won't spill or leak, making dog treat time mess-free.

4.   They Come in Two Different Sizes

Many dog chews are created with only larger dogs in mind, so they are not suitable for tiny or medium-sized dogs. But with Freezbone, you can give your doggos flexible portion treats as per their need.

Small Freezbone treats are for dogs weighing up to 60 pounds, whereas large Freezbones are for doggos weighing up to 140lbs.

A huge dog chew will be better for big dogs, as you undoubtedly know, while smaller chewsare best for little puppies.

Plus, if you give your larger doggo a small chew, it will likely be gone quickly. Similarly, if you give alarge chew to a little pup, the harsher texture could lead to tooth issues.

5.    They Are Slow Feeders

The strength of your dog's jaws and how frequently you give him the chew will impact how long it lasts.

While young, active dogs can burn more calories and devour more treats, senior doggos are typically prone to weight gain as their metabolism and energy levels decline. Freezbone can be helpful in this situation as a slow feeder for dogs.

6.   They're Scrumptious Refill Treats

We constantly hear the saying "you are what you eat," particularly when nibbling on chocolates. Naturally, our canine buddies also fall under this category. So, they should eat a high-quality diet to maintain their health. Plus, the goodies should be nutritious.

The six essential nutrients are water, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins. Your dog needs to eat these nutrients for all of its body's essential functions. Without proper food, your dog wouldn't be able to keep muscle tone, grow and repair muscles, teeth, and bone, cheer you up with those googly moves, or fight off infection.

Lucky for us, Freezbone treats come with extremely healthy, ready-to-pour organic pouches! Each pouch is preciselymeasured and preparedto pour into a Freezbone for simple and practical daily use.

Freezbone refill pouches are made withreal chicken, beef, duck, and liver. So, it's a healthy treat and a dream fordoggo and doggo owners.

How to Use Freezbone Treats

Feed your doggo up to one pouch per day. Here's how to do it:

Step 1: Grab an empty Freezbone.

Step 2: Open the seal on one of the flavors and pour it into the bone.

Step 3: Freeze the bone for half an hour.

Step 4: Serve the frozen bone to complement a balanced dog food diet.

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Dogs are precious, irreplaceable creatures! Most of us consider them a major part of ourfamilies and want the best for them.

If your doggo loves munching with those big jaws and teeth, you should look for a chew that ‎can bear the energy and last long. Order Freezbone with our refill treats today for long-lasting, ‎endurable, and most ‎‎importantly, healthy chews!